FAUX CULT Opening Sunday, August 21, 4-7pm

Globe Exhibition Space

"Faux Cult"
Nicholas Cueva, Brian Hubble, Nazafarin Lotfi, Erin Washington, Sean Ward, and Travis Wyche
August 21 - September 18, 2011
Opening: Sunday, August 21, 4-7pm

Travis Wyche, Nicholas Cueva, Erin   Washington
Travis Wyche: Study for Semiotic Vase #11, 2011. Book Cuttings on Found Paper.
Nicholas Cueva: Tabula Rasa, 2011. Acrylic on Panel.
Erin Washington: Cosmic Uncertainty, 2011. Found Object.

Brooklyn, NY— “Faux Cult” is an exhibition of new objects by six recent graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s MFA Painting and Drawing program. Nicholas Cueva, Brian Hubble, Nazafarin Lofti, Erin Washington, Sean Ward, and Travis Wyche approach the medium of painting with varying levels of ambivalence, antagonism, and respect for the medium’s history and critical frameworks. Beyond a fractious relationship with this medium, these artists challenge the viewer’s impulse to excavate meaning from art, asserting that there may not be any meaning or truth to uncover.

Sean Ward

Sean Ward: Found, 2010. Copper Leaf on Found Garments.

The title, “Faux Cult”, is the result of an accidental mispronunciation of “Foucault.” It reflects the oscillations between representation and abstraction, veracity and falsity, vision and idea as they roll around in our conceptual understanding of art in general and painting, arguably the archetypal medium. The six artists represented in “Faux Cult” generate a spectrum of interventions into the conventional definitions of painting. The viewer is asked to question whether painting is defined by its support, mark making, questions of representation and abstraction, or the use of paint. More....

Nazafarin Lotfi
Nazafarin Lotfi: Untitled, 2011. Mixed Media on Canvas.

Brian Hubble
Brian Hubble: Killed Wolf Pills, 2011. Ashes from a Wolf my Cousin was Forced to Kill, Wax, Pill Bottle.