Upcoming: hair-DO. Opening Friday Oct. 3 6-9pm

hair - DO

Hair is identity: Tall, dark and handsome. Blonde Bombshell. Permanent Blonde. Fiery Red Head. Hairy Back. Hairy Legs.  Chrome Dome.  Comb Over.

Your hair: did you check it before you went out the door? Did you smooth it or fluff it or comb it or bed head it or brush it or wash it or pomade it or condition it or shave it or curl it or straighten it or just leave it be I can’t do a thing with it?

We use hair to tell the world about our attitudes and ideas, to explain ourselves to  ourselves.  To attract mates.   To repel all boarders and to stick it to the man.

Hair is our weapon. Our Bait. Our inside joke. Our political statement. Our concession to modernity.  Our tool of conformity.  Such a powerful commodity that some cultures need to see it covered.  Others need to let it fly free in the breeze.  Hair means action in the sense of doing and do and hair do and hair don’t.

This show celebrates all of that in swoop of line, curve of beam, tangle of yarn and flow of wire and since it is about hair, my friend, it is about the deep you, the superficial you, the empowered you, the hiding you, but anyway about you. You. And only you.

This exhibition brings together 7 Brooklyn-based artists who concern themselves with hair and all of the above.

Deborah Brown, Elisa Jensen, Simran Johnston, Natalie Moore, Ellie Murphy, Jennifer Viola, Andy Wilhelm.